Edwardian Conservatory Roof Replacement Liverpool

Nothing quite has the same level of class and timeless quality as an Edwardian conservatory roof replacement, an affordable and attractive investment for any property owner.

Traditional conservatory roofs are made from uPVC and other types of plastic, often bringing with them many problems. There are, of course, issues with temperature control throughout the year, while a loud storm or heavy rain shower will make conversations or television inaudible.

You always wanted your conservatory to add an extra room to your house, to host dinner parties in it, to sit and relax with friends, possibly to sit peacefully and read a book. But does your current conservatory roof truly allow you to do these things?

Installing a brand new, high-tech and energy efficient conservatory roof can transform your conservatory, and property as a whole, taking it to a whole new level. Edwardian roofs are timeless and add a real class and sophistication to the look to your conservatory, as well as ensuring the head room is maximised thanks to the construction technique.

An Edwardian conservatory roof replacement can add the ‘wow factor’ back to your property that it may have lost, to make your conservatory stand-out as a feature you love rather than dead space with dirty plastic roofs and lifeless interior.

Its pitched roof adds a real feeling of spaciousness and expanse in to your conservatory, and the external finish looks both high-end and traditional.

How An Edwardian Conservatory Roof Replacement Can Save You Money

We use some of the leading materials available to install your new conservatory roof, such as LEKA roof systems.

Your new Edwardian roof is going to be hugely energy efficient for a start, thanks to it’s insulated properties that will finally mean you can keep your conservatory at an optimal temperature with minimal effort. Finally, it will be habitable all year around!

Roofing systems we use for your Edwardian conservatory roof replacement are made from a glass-toughened plastic. Aside from the improvements in temperature management and energy efficiency, it’s going to vastly reduce the amount of noise generated by rainfall and help eradicate some of the noise of those heavy storms.

The lightweight roof needs no additional external plywood, or any other materials prone to rot or woodworm. We’re so confident that you will love your new conservatory roof that we offer long-term warranties spanning several decades on all roof replacements.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or if you want to get a quote, then get in touch with us today and we can send out a member of our highly-skilled team to speak with you and give an estimate.

All of our team members have a wealth of experience within the conservatory roofing industry, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving expert advice and an affordable quotation.

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