Leka Conservatory Roof Specialists Liverpool

At Conserva Re-Roof, we understand that a high-quality service and product is as important to you as it is to us, which is why we offer the industry-leading Leka conservatory roof system to our customers.

Long gone are the days of cheap plastic conservatory roofs that were prone to leaks, discolouration and were tough to maintain. Roofs that had zero insulation properties, rendering your beautiful conservatory useless for the vast majority of the year, be it too hot, or too cold, should also be a thing of the past.

Leka roofing systems change all of this, offering a truly cutting-edge tiled roof-effect for your conservatory, with all of the necessary technological improvements included which will make your conservatory usable again.

Why Use The Leka System For Conservatory Roofs?

The Leka conservatory roof is a truly lightweight roofing system, and one of the market-leading solutions available today. Its design makes it easy to install without the need for much, if any, additional structural work.

There is no need for expensive aluminium support work or timber frames, meaning no additional cost or associated risk of issues such as woodworm, rotting or bending.

It weighs less than half of that of competitor systems yet is not susceptible to conditions such as sweating or cold bridging, unlike systems that use aluminium. A big advantage to it being lightweight is that nearly all existing conservatory frames and foundations are able to accept the weight of a Leka roof system without further work, meaning your upgrade is quick and simple.

A Leka system is also highly energy-efficient thanks in no small part to its fantastic insulation properties. A Leka conservatory roof appears like a traditionally tiled roof, yet performs even better than the real thing.

The innovative design keeps heat in during the winter better than any competitor product on the market, while also reflecting the hot summer sunshine to leave your conservatory habitable all year round. As a result, your heating systems will be required less, be it air conditioning, fans or central heating, meaning your energy bills should start to tumble.

All of this technology has been built-in to the roof system, while still placing a huge important on the visual side of things. After all, nobody wants an ugly conservatory roof. The construction consists of a layered approach that includes the external membrane, a thick layer of insulation, and the skim-finish plaster inside to put the icing on the cake.

Tile replacement materials are used for the external part of the roof, helping it to take on that appearance of slate, for example, without the huge additional weight a conventional slate roof would add.

Inside, once the new Leka conservatory roof has been added, the interior will have a traditional skim plaster layer added. It provides the perfect high-quality finish, and also means that any additional touches such as sky-lights or low energy sunken spot lights will look fantastic, meaning your new conservatory roof looks as impressive inside as it does out.

If you want more information about having a Leka conservatory roof installing on your conservatory, then contact our skilled team for a quote today. We’re also happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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