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In recent years, orangery conservatory roofs have grown significantly in popularity thanks to their inclusion in TV refurbishment shows and in prominent celebrity properties.

In truth though, an orangery is not a new thing. In fact, orangery’s first became popular in all the way back in the 17th century, as large stately homes and country estates would convert living rooms roofs to have an orangery roof, allowing for growing exotic fruits such as – as the name suggests – oranges.

When it comes to adding these impressive roofs to conservatories, they help eradicate so many issues found with the 1990s and 2000s-style plastic roofs that conservatories around the UK so commonly have. These roofs are prone to dis-colouration, leaking and also have no end of problems when it comes to insulation and general habitation.

A cold day will bring freezing temperatures in your conservatory, a hot day creating unbearably hot conditions. With the possibility of leaks, the crescendo of noise whenever it rains and the general upkeep required, the reputation of the much-loved conservatory has been left in tatters with some.

An orangery conservatory roof can help change all of this, while also creating an awe-inspiring focal point to your house.

Why You Should Upgrade To An Orangery Conservatory Roof?

Orangery conservatory roofs are possibly the most impressive of any roof you can add to your conservatory. Often built in the lantern style, these glass roofs provide an incredible amount of light, security and they look incredible.

Just about any conservatory can be upgraded to include an orangery conservatory roof, and in the process many of those familiar issues we highlighted above with traditional plastic roofs will become just a distant memory.

The high-quality Leka orangery roofs we use for conservatories use cutting-edge technology to provide a high-quality, durable and safe roof that will make you fall in love with your conservatory. They’re ultra-lightweight, meaning that they’re easy to install and require no additional aluminium, or timber work, a major benefit when compared with competitors offering orangery conservatory roofing upgrades.

Thanks to the glazing used, you’re going to benefit significantly from the usual types of things you associated with high-quality glazing products. Insulation is key, as the glass both helps keep heat in but also repels some of that heavy summer sunshine that makes many conservatories unbearable. It also has anti-glare properties, meaning you won’t be absolutely blinded with bright light when the sun comes out.

An orangery roof is a significant yet incredible investment to make in your home. It will almost certainly add sizeable value to your property, but even in the here and the now, it will make your conservatory so much more habitable and enjoyable. You’ll look forward to relaxing in there with a book and a glass of wine in the summer, to curling up on the sofa in there during the winter with a mug of hot chocolate. Your friends and family will love it just as much as you do.

If you’re interested in adding an orangery roof to your conservatory, get in touch with our dedicated team today who can talk through the process, answer any queries that you may have, and arrange for a free, no obligation quote.

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